We have all been shopping with or around kids. So we know the tactics they use to target all of the young little geniuses out there. A few of the favorites I have heard:

  • Sugary cereal
  • Characters from popular movies (trolls is the latest one)
  • Toy incentives with food (MCD,BK,Cereals)

The list goes on and on.

Well yesterday I was walking with my daughter around the mall looking for clothes and of course one of the dresses she was looking at was $30 ON SALE!! (what the heck??) Personally for me I would not spend that much on dress even for myself. Especially for my daughter, who is going to grow 3 feet the second I buy it.

So needless to say we agreed to continue looking and made our way to Dillard’s thinking there would be some reasonable sales going on there. WRONG! a shirt on the sale rack for a child was $40.

I work in the mall and help run a small business, so I understand mark-up, overhead, profit, paying people the works. However even with that knowledge what I don’t understand is how a child’s shirt who is going to outgrow it in 3 months could possibly be $40.

So fast forward 20 minutes we are walking past Clair’s and my daughter remembers the oh so important eye mask I told her we could get the next time we were in the mall. We make our way into the brightly colored and strategically placed store, where we are greeted by a young lady behind the desk kindly asks if we would like a basket. I politely decline, mentioning that we a re here for an eye mask and thank her anyway. 

As we are browsing around the colorful store the young lady makes her way back around to us, informing Tori and I about the 3 for 3 sale they are having. Of course Tori is very clever and and ask’s what a 3 for 3 sale is. As the young lady is explaining it to her watch as my daughters face lights up. She looks up at me and asks if we can do that so I tell her that we can think about it and proceed to look around. 

She now starts looking for other things she would like, and soon enough I’m Trapped!

I could have just said no. I understand that, but she was being so good and I was mentally worn down from figuring out prices and keeping toys straight. So we make our way to the check out stand and I was expecting to spend $25 I could justify that. Oh man was I wrong! $43 later I was the proud owner of 6 items I did not need. 

Back downstairs, my daughter is showing Ben her wonderful new purchases and I get the “look” the look of what were you thinking?! We spend about 30 minutes talking it over and looking at prices online, we come to the conclusion that it was spur of the moment and unnecessary. I go talk with Tori and explain it to her and some tears later she agrees and I go to return the items keeping the one thing we went in for.  

I felt bad for returning the items I had just purchased for her, But I just fell into what every parent at one time or another. I have learned from working in the mall toy stores are a scam, in fact most stores big chain stores are they care about one thing and no its not your precious little angle or your bank account its your MONEY.

I read this quote on facebook one time and it really stuck with me,

“If you buy a T.V on sale for $300 off and still spend $700, you did not save $300 you spent $700.”

Keep this in mind when shopping for anything it really helps.

If you have stories similar to this please feel free to share I look forward to hearing what you have to say!




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