Good Evening all! 

Welcome to  my first blog. Woohoo! 

A little about myself I am 22 (23 in less than a month!), I work at a skateboarding/Motorcycle shop with my boyfriend of three years, and I do traveling sales. My daughters name is Victoria and she turns 6 in about 3 months! Time sure does fly with the little ones.  

Some of my hobbies include, motorcycles, long-boarding, reading, Modeling, MMA and of course Netflix!!

Speaking of Netflix, I just finished this pretty intense movie called “Sinister”. Which is about, a family who moves into a house in which a murder was committed. From there on without giving out spoilers things get pretty heavy, it had me jumping a few times.  If you like thrillers and suspense you would love it. The only downside and this could have been my computer screen but it was so dark, I kept thinking the whole time “does he not know what a light is??” Besides that I would give the movie a good 8.5/10!

As of right now I currently ride a ninja 500 (I do not want any crap for this) I love my bike its great since I am just starting out. and by just starting out, I mean you will likely hear of my journey to riding.

The best story I have so far would be I was in the parking lot at a local mall, and I had been working up to riding confidently (Getting the shifting down) which I though I was getting  there, until I shifted from 3rd gear to 2nd gear and dumped the clutch and for anyone who rides, you know what happened. (Wheelie) however I was lucky and was on a 500 which is not really capable of doing wheelies so it was more of a violent jerk. Let’s just say that I had a rude wake up call of my bike telling me I was not ready. So I am slowly working that confidence back up!

Ben, has a ZX14R and I have driven his bike well and with him on the back of course he is making sure I don’t eat shit. However point being I have done it!


Long-boarding, I have been doing for a bit longer, about 3 years to be exact, I enjoy the Loaded Tesseract oh and of course the Jelly Board!! oh man that is a fun board. I don’t do any crazy things like downhill, I do more flat lands and dancing which I am not a pro at either in fact I will drop some pictures of my fun kiss of asphalt! I tried doing a parking garage once and that ended to say. Long story short I bailed and ninja rolled out thankfully I had no injuries!

Well that is just a little about me! If you have any other questions about me or something you would like me to write about please leave me a comment below!



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